The Manual of Equine Dentistry
by Dr. Tom Allen, DVM

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  Elsevier Science 2003


A Normal Mouth

  Elsevier Science 2003


Before Equilibration


After Equilibration


     Tom Allen DVM certified by the IAED together with artist-wife, Dawn Illustrate dental abnormalities, techniques & procedures in a comprehensive text containing contributions from Dental Technicians & Veterinarians alike.

     Sharing their expertise in the art and science of Equine Dentistry are:  Dale Jeffrey PCEqD, Carl Mitz IAED/CA, William Schultz IAED/C, John Causey IAED/Ex, Larry Moriarity EqDT-IAED/Ex & Tony Basile IAED/Ex with Dr. Scott Greene DVM IAED certified/CA, Richard Miller DVM IAED certified/Ex, Dennis Rach DVM, Michael Davis DVM IAED certified/C, Michael Boero DVM & Tom Johnson DVM. 

     These informative contributions are blended throughout this heavily-illustrated text to bring the reader to an understanding about how Equine Dentistry is being done today.  Although techniques may vary between individuals, the ideals and goals are the same, to help the horse perform better, live longer and have increased nutritional efficiency and comfort.


the Manual of Equine Dentistry reprint:



Elsevier Science  was the initial publisher of the Manual of Equine Dentistry in 2003.  In 2009 Muleicorn Press picked up the title and reprint the Manual of Equine Dentistry.  Find out how to purchase the reprint:


Elsevier Science 2003

100% Molar Occlusion

50% Molar Occlusion

CONTENTS: Ch 1) Incorporating Equine Dentistry Into Your Practice,
2) Dental Tools & Equipment3) Safety Issues & Restraint Procedures,
4) Examination,  5) Common Dental Abnormalities6) Routine Procedures,
7) Other Procedures8) Dentistry in Miniature Horses
9) Continuing EducationAppendix: Dental Suppliers

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